The Whole Enchilada of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos


Reading Response Tab 4 section 11

   As one can agree, every writing assignment or claim should have an affective appeal, whether its by evidence, facts, or by emotions. One of the things that strike me the most was the whole concept of appealing the readers intellect and their emotions. This is what ancient Greeks called it logos and pathos. Logos refers to evidence that is rational and relevant to what your trying to claim or appeal. It appeals the reader by reasoned support and concrete evidence, such as facts, statistics, and examples. Pathos is a type of appeal that strikes the readers emotions. It relies on examples, stories, or anecdotes to persuade readers. It also uses a tone that stimulates readers’ feelings. These appeals are not only the thing that strike me the most, but they are used in a everyday basis. You see them on a bus ad, or even on facebook. It’s something that everybody sees, and should be used in their writing to make a better claim. Another way to appeal a person is by ethos. Ethos in Greek means good character, sound of knowledge, or good reputation. This goes a long way in persuading readers to trust you, and respect you in what you say. Ethos is something that I didn’t really understand when I was in English 1010. The teacher kept teaching it for a long time, but it just didn’t click  to me, and its something that I learned  in the reading. Without a good pathos, the reader won’t really have the confidence to be convinced on what one is trying to state. That’s why this is something important to understand and glad I finally got it cleared. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are like three brothers. They are all the same, but slightly different.                                                                                                                                                                           

     Another  important point in the reading is the classical model in a writing assignment or essay. The introduction, background, reasons of evidence, counterclaims or counterevidence, and a conclusion. This uses deductive reasoning and is well suited and organized to persuade an argument.

     As of all, I think these are the most important points one should dominate and get to know their meaning, especially in the clarification and excellence in your writing.

Edgar Casillas


Glossary of Usage
In the Glossary of Usage I noticed quite a few words I tend to use frequently, or repeatedly, such as ‘good’ and ‘well’. Sometimes ‘very good’ and ‘as well’ seem to pop up a lot in my writings. Well is an adverb but when referring to health it is an adjective along with good. I am beginning to see the use of both of them repeatedly is redundant and unnecessary. I would be more successful in my writing if I use them appropriately and become aware of how often I use them, choosing different adjectives to describe something.
Laura Berry

Reading Response-Tab 9, section 31

The Opera - Mary Cassatt
<img title=”The Opera – Mary Cassatt” alt=”The Opera – Mary Cassatt” src=”!Blog.jpg” />

This section is about engaging readers with variety and emphasis. In its content is discussed; varying sentence length and structure, coordination, distinguishing main ideas, sentence openings, sentence rhythm, strategic repetition, creating emphasis, and active/passive voice. The beginning paragraph tells of a painting, At The Opera by Mary Cassatt, that captures its viewers by using a variety of visual elements. It goes on to explain variety and emphasis must also be used in writing to capture the attention of readers and maintain their interest.
I appreciate the layout of this section with so many points and reviewing of necessary components. I remember studying these before and am now reminded I will need this for future assignments. It discusses simple sentences to cumulative sentences, and inversions; outlined well and easy to follow.
Coordination, is an important point, giving elements of equal importance emphasis but subordination emphasizes main ideas while de-emphasizing supporting examples or details. I’ve also learned that it is considered a sign of sophistication in American academic writing if one can master subordination, yet also well noted was that a balance must exist between that and coordination.
Punctuations were addressed with different elements of grammar and parallelism; which often makes me chuckle to say. New to me was active and passive-voice referring to the subjects performing and receiving the action of the verb. I also have never realized sentences have rhythm just as music does and some points are more stressed then others. Readers should be able to notice the beginning with the subject and then the end which wraps up everything.
Overall, I found the section very helpful and I’m sure I will be referring to it with the writings of this class and others in the future.

Laura Berry

Logical Fallacy: Bandwagon Appeal

Our group decided to choose the bandwagon appeal, which is one of the logical fallacies that exist. The definition of fallacy is basically a false/misleading form of argument. The definition of bandwagon appeal is the assumption that what the majority beliefs is right, therefore one must conform, jump aboard and obtain the same beliefs in order to fit in. 

Tip: One shouldn’t feel obligated to fit in with the crowd. Rather we recommend that you break free from the mold and be yourself.

Byline: Lily, Edgar, Laura, Moon, Laura



Blog Review



     For the past couple of months I have been absolutely fascinated with the blog “Honestly WTF.”  This is a blog that focuses on DIY projects, the some of the latest trends in fashion, as well as recent art and information about new exhibitions from up and coming artists. Apart from the misleading name, I find this blog to be beautifully put together. What honestly keeps this blog so successful is the beautiful images that accompany each post. Maybe the fact that this blog is run by a designer and a stylist has something to do with the aesthetic, the layout is slightly minimalistic with emphasis on colorful images. The language they use is simple enough for the average reader and uses a playful tone. And though the writing is simple, it is still enough to convey their ideas in a thoughtful and meaningful way. I enjoy checking this blog as I find the content to be a great source of creative inspiration.

Lily Chavez


My Rating of Quality Criteria

Interesting Topic: 10/10

Formatting: 10/10

Content: 9/10

Quality of Writing: 9/10

Images: 10/10

Reading Response Tab 1


     As I read Tab 1 in our “Writing Matters” handbook, it made me think about the way receiving information has changed in today’s society. While only a maybe a few decades ago newspapers were one of the the go to sources for informing yourself on events, today they have become a rarity and almost obsolete. With the internet we have access to a much more vast array of articles and news sources. We are able to seek out different sources in order to seek out rounded, unbiased information, we can stay informed on not only the issues that immediately affect us but as to the issues affecting our world as well. Another thing that really amazes me when I think about it is not just the writing itself, but many times when you read something online it is different experience than to what you would get if you merely printed it out. Often nowadays articles can be accompanied by multiple pictures, voice recordings, or even a video, and it is a great way of gaining a deeper understanding of what the article is getting at.
     This selection also got me thinking about writing in “the real world,”writing outside of school. I know one day I will be all done with my schooling and I would hope that by the time I am done that the skills I have learned will carry on to my career and get some use.
     Speaking of writing skills, it is amazing just how many different writing responsibilities one has to keep in mind in order to have a successful piece of writing. Properly giving credit to another author when you use their words or even ideas is essential if you want to be a successful writer. No one will take you seriously if you simply go around claiming the words of others for your own. Also, writing with clarity is essential if you want to properly convey your message or idea to your audience. And finally making sure that you have your “writer’s voice” in your article is very important but unless you are able to use your voice in a way that comes off as clear and logical your writing will fall flat and won’t be as much a success as a meshing of words on a page.

Lily Chavez

Blog Review [9.4.2013]

My blog review is on one of my favorite health blog site, Tone It Up. Katrina and Karena are the founders and health trainers of Tone It Up. They post healthy food recipes, upload great fitness exercises, promote their nutrition programs, have a community for all motivated women to talk and share their inspiring stories, and many more! What makes this blog interesting is that it’s girly, so that it attracts us girls, yet very strong. I use the word strong in a sense that the trainers and the people part of this blog site are all fitness motivated and inspiring to live their lives healthy and well. The type of language used on this blog is pretty casual and laid back, slight jokes here and there, but mostly informative and encouraging. The style of writing for this site is very short, clear, clean, and straight to the point. You know exactly what they’re talking about and what message they’re trying to get through to you. The visual of this site is amazing. The photographs are very professional, enlightening, delightful, and sometimes delicate. What allows this blog to be so popular is the fact that women can come together and talk, share, and experience life and the factors of fitness, exercising, and living a healthy life by motivating one another through the obstacles that all of us go through. The trainers are always posting up motivational pictures and keeping people up to date about not only how we should be active, but how they’re being active. All in all, I would definitely recommend people to check out this site if they’re wanting some motivation or tips and tricks on how to be healthy – live a healthy lifestyle.

Rating of Quality Criteria:

1) Topic interest: 10

2) Easy to read: 10

3) Depth of content: 9

4) Quality writing: 9

5) Relevant images: 10

6) Interesting writing: 10

Byline: Moon Choi