Blogg Review – The Kindness of Strangers


Edgar Casillas


Blogg Review – The Kindness of Strangers

“ Hot Chicks dig Smart Men” is a very unique blog. Not only is it funny and truthful, but also has real world problems and situations put to life. The author tells the truth and is not afraid to offend nobody. That’s why I like her blog page, and exited to read her new material every day. As of her blog post “ The Kindness Of Strangers” not only is she series about this situation , but also gives a lesson and gives advice of reflection to the reader. We all hate it when people are rude and selfish to us, but we don’t know what they’re going through in life. As the author says “you just don’t know what people are going through. It hurts no one to err on the side of kindness, and it might just ease someone’s pain.” It’s important to be kind and always be nice, even to those angry people.  Don’t only be nice to nice people, but also to those who are the contrary. Who knows, maybe we can make a difference in their lives if we treat them with kindness.  Above all, this posting gives us advise of change for good. Not only to ourselves but to our country and the world.

Rating of quality criteria

Interesting topic-10

 Format clear and easy to read-10

Content catches reader’s attention and creates questions-10

Quality writing-10



 Edgar Casillas


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