Blog Review



     For the past couple of months I have been absolutely fascinated with the blog “Honestly WTF.”  This is a blog that focuses on DIY projects, the some of the latest trends in fashion, as well as recent art and information about new exhibitions from up and coming artists. Apart from the misleading name, I find this blog to be beautifully put together. What honestly keeps this blog so successful is the beautiful images that accompany each post. Maybe the fact that this blog is run by a designer and a stylist has something to do with the aesthetic, the layout is slightly minimalistic with emphasis on colorful images. The language they use is simple enough for the average reader and uses a playful tone. And though the writing is simple, it is still enough to convey their ideas in a thoughtful and meaningful way. I enjoy checking this blog as I find the content to be a great source of creative inspiration.

Lily Chavez


My Rating of Quality Criteria

Interesting Topic: 10/10

Formatting: 10/10

Content: 9/10

Quality of Writing: 9/10

Images: 10/10


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