Reading Response-Tab 9, section 31

The Opera - Mary Cassatt
<img title=”The Opera – Mary Cassatt” alt=”The Opera – Mary Cassatt” src=”!Blog.jpg” />

This section is about engaging readers with variety and emphasis. In its content is discussed; varying sentence length and structure, coordination, distinguishing main ideas, sentence openings, sentence rhythm, strategic repetition, creating emphasis, and active/passive voice. The beginning paragraph tells of a painting, At The Opera by Mary Cassatt, that captures its viewers by using a variety of visual elements. It goes on to explain variety and emphasis must also be used in writing to capture the attention of readers and maintain their interest.
I appreciate the layout of this section with so many points and reviewing of necessary components. I remember studying these before and am now reminded I will need this for future assignments. It discusses simple sentences to cumulative sentences, and inversions; outlined well and easy to follow.
Coordination, is an important point, giving elements of equal importance emphasis but subordination emphasizes main ideas while de-emphasizing supporting examples or details. I’ve also learned that it is considered a sign of sophistication in American academic writing if one can master subordination, yet also well noted was that a balance must exist between that and coordination.
Punctuations were addressed with different elements of grammar and parallelism; which often makes me chuckle to say. New to me was active and passive-voice referring to the subjects performing and receiving the action of the verb. I also have never realized sentences have rhythm just as music does and some points are more stressed then others. Readers should be able to notice the beginning with the subject and then the end which wraps up everything.
Overall, I found the section very helpful and I’m sure I will be referring to it with the writings of this class and others in the future.

Laura Berry


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