Blog Review

Laura Berry
Blog Review

I must admit I had gone through the whole list of links and avoided this one thinking it would not be of any interest to me and yet its content caught me off guard! I assumed it would be all about online dating: chauvinistic and critical. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The name itself was intriguing, “Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men” and when I opened it I was immediately absorbed with its captivating topics and entries. Like a good book you cannot put down I wanted to imbibe the books entirety. The layout was appealing with bight color and flare, with many personal artistic abilities from her family as well. The language used was of variety; her strength of character is very evident within her words. It was serious at times when it came to politics, reading, the military, and her daughter’s recent suicide.  It was humorous as she discussed that, “when a woman is of a certain age her innards must go!” It is laced with these types of comments and humorous caricature. I felt like I was swimming through an ocean of emotions as I continued to read this blog. The visuals were amazing with many family moments portrayed. You can tell they are near and dear to the writer’s heart. She addressed a wide variety of topics making this blog popular and easy to relate too.  Her writing style is uniquely her own and yet also displays a well-educated mind that is passionate about herself, her family, literacy and her country.

Rating of quality criteria:

Interesting topic-10

Format clear and easy to read-9

Content catches reader’s attention and creates questions-10

Quality writing-10


Laura Berry


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