NiB Quality Criteria

We believe that in order to have a quality blog, you should have:

1. Interesting topics

2. A format that is clear and easy to read

3. Content that catches the reader’s attention and creates questions

4. Quality writing

5. Images that add to the content of the blog post

Therefore, upon reviewing the website “Nerds in Babeland,” we as a group, believe  follows all of the criteria listed above. The layout of the blog site is very clear and attractive to the eyes. The content is varied in nature, because it talks about different things and not only focuses on one set idea. In this way, this blog site appeals to many diverse readers. Overall, it is a well put together blog full of different information and reviews – of the nerdy type. 🙂

Byline: Lily, Edgar, Laura, Moon



NiB: Comic Review: Two of Doctor Who – Reading Response

Doctor Who


Upon reading NiB Comic Review of “Skyjacks,” our first reaction is of intrigue from not knowing what is going on, yet we get a glimpse of the story line about a mystery trip and a “flying robotic pterodactyl.”  We feel that this review is well written and clearly states the important “must knows” of the comic. In a sense, we feel that it makes us want to read it compared to the other comic, “Nemesis of the Daleks.” 

With the review of the second comic, we felt that we received a brief overview of the comic, stating the main ideas, and how they played throughout the comic. It seems like the author really feels what they experienced personally with the comic is not worth recommending to others. Because of this we feel like we won’t be reading “Nemesis of the Daleks” anytime soon.

Byline: Lily, Edgar, Laura, Moon