Blog Review [9.4.2013]

My blog review is on one of my favorite health blog site, Tone It Up. Katrina and Karena are the founders and health trainers of Tone It Up. They post healthy food recipes, upload great fitness exercises, promote their nutrition programs, have a community for all motivated women to talk and share their inspiring stories, and many more! What makes this blog interesting is that it’s girly, so that it attracts us girls, yet very strong. I use the word strong in a sense that the trainers and the people part of this blog site are all fitness motivated and inspiring to live their lives healthy and well. The type of language used on this blog is pretty casual and laid back, slight jokes here and there, but mostly informative and encouraging. The style of writing for this site is very short, clear, clean, and straight to the point. You know exactly what they’re talking about and what message they’re trying to get through to you. The visual of this site is amazing. The photographs are very professional, enlightening, delightful, and sometimes delicate. What allows this blog to be so popular is the fact that women can come together and talk, share, and experience life and the factors of fitness, exercising, and living a healthy life by motivating one another through the obstacles that all of us go through. The trainers are always posting up motivational pictures and keeping people up to date about not only how we should be active, but how they’re being active. All in all, I would definitely recommend people to check out this site if they’re wanting some motivation or tips and tricks on how to be healthy – live a healthy lifestyle.

Rating of Quality Criteria:

1) Topic interest: 10

2) Easy to read: 10

3) Depth of content: 9

4) Quality writing: 9

5) Relevant images: 10

6) Interesting writing: 10

Byline: Moon Choi



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