Reading Response Tab 1


     As I read Tab 1 in our “Writing Matters” handbook, it made me think about the way receiving information has changed in today’s society. While only a maybe a few decades ago newspapers were one of the the go to sources for informing yourself on events, today they have become a rarity and almost obsolete. With the internet we have access to a much more vast array of articles and news sources. We are able to seek out different sources in order to seek out rounded, unbiased information, we can stay informed on not only the issues that immediately affect us but as to the issues affecting our world as well. Another thing that really amazes me when I think about it is not just the writing itself, but many times when you read something online it is different experience than to what you would get if you merely printed it out. Often nowadays articles can be accompanied by multiple pictures, voice recordings, or even a video, and it is a great way of gaining a deeper understanding of what the article is getting at.
     This selection also got me thinking about writing in “the real world,”writing outside of school. I know one day I will be all done with my schooling and I would hope that by the time I am done that the skills I have learned will carry on to my career and get some use.
     Speaking of writing skills, it is amazing just how many different writing responsibilities one has to keep in mind in order to have a successful piece of writing. Properly giving credit to another author when you use their words or even ideas is essential if you want to be a successful writer. No one will take you seriously if you simply go around claiming the words of others for your own. Also, writing with clarity is essential if you want to properly convey your message or idea to your audience. And finally making sure that you have your “writer’s voice” in your article is very important but unless you are able to use your voice in a way that comes off as clear and logical your writing will fall flat and won’t be as much a success as a meshing of words on a page.

Lily Chavez


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