Reading Response: Tab 1 (Pg. 1-6)

Upon reading pages 1-6 of Tab 1: Writing Responsibly – Tools for the Information Age – in the book Writing Matters, has opened my eyes in understanding how to become a better reader and a writer. We live in an age where concept of media revolution exists (as my blog partner, Laura, has pointed out in her post). This means we must be multiliterate – meaning we must be able to read, write, and know how to access multiple media online. One thing that stuck out to me while reading this section is how far man has come with the sources of literacy and technology meshing together. Hence, Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press was one of the first steps that would lead to our huge media revolution that exists today. I also found the idea of “code shifting,” switching from medium to medium, to be engaging to read. It’s as if code shifting is part of our conditioned nature, because we use it practically every day of our lives, it’s fascinating to realize. 

I found that as a student, the main thing that stuck out to me from this reading are The Responsibilities as a Writer. The four areas of responsibility consist of: 1) To your audience. 2) To your topic. 3) To other writers. 4) To yourself. I have almost always been aware of the first three responsibilities as a writer, but I never really focused on the fourth one, to myself. In order to make my writings interesting or catchy, I realized at times I would try way too hard, and end up not sounding like myself, rather someone completely opposite of me. In order to keep my paper(s) original as well as keeping my “avatar,” or persona, I need to work on representing my paper so that it best represents myself and my writing. Another factor that caught my attention is how it talks about how many students think of themselves as “bad writers.” This I can relate to, because I constantly have writer’s block, or at times when I’m given an assignment, I can barely think of anything to write about or how to write it for that matter. I feel like some people not only have endless ideas to write, but intriguing things to write, and at times it gets me frustrated that I’m not like those people. However, I’ve come to the decision to think of myself as a writer-in-progress. Rather than shutting down and telling myself I can’t, I need to motivate myself and tell myself I can.

Byline: Moon Choi




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