Reading Response ( tab 1)


Edgar Casillas


Reading Response ( Tab 1. pg. 1-6)

As a modern teenager, I see that technology has increased throughout the years.  I would have never imagined a page or a book as a website. The internet revolution is increasing each hour, as of all the new ideas and personalities.  This was the thing that stuck me the most.  The computer is spelling or misspells, and we ignore it or don’t even care, have much more possibilities   to steel other peoples thoughts and express them in our papers, and more. Out of all these negative effects on computer and internet revolution, there are many things that are positive as well. Writing and reading is not a struggle, but can be tuff if you don’t follow the guidelines to perfect yourself and “ let the elevator take you up to success.”  It’s important to give respect to yourself and others as writers and readers. That’s why I feel that when choosing a subject to wright, it’s not only interesting to you, but to others.  Writing clearly with a logical structure, writing appropriately with a visible vocabulary, and making claims that impact the reader  will make us better writers. As and always, acknowledging your resources by providing readers with information, ideas, languages, or images that one has gathered from someone else, and giving them credit for it. More and more teenagers are tweeting, facebooking, and texting; but do all follow the guidelines to be a better writer?  Lets ask the internet for an answer.

Edgar Casillas





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