Laura B-Reading response-tab 1

Laura Berry
Tab 1(p. 1-6)

What stuck out to me the most was the concept of the media revolution. Surprisingly, you must be multi-literate to accomplish this. I’ve realized one is required to possess the ability to access multiple media options online to become proficient and efficient in life. One new point for me is the term “code shifting” adjusting my message to someone for their understanding. I’ve never heard it referred to that way.
Perplexing, at first, is learning the responsibilities that come with writing, to readers, topics and other writers and especially to me. I never thought about it like that before but it all does make sense. It is like writing with integrity to make a point, keep it interesting to readers, using logic and clarity. I feel that so many things in life require our time and everyone’s time is valuable so if they are taking the time to read my thoughts and views I should not waste their time by bringing unsearched, unimportant information or ideas that may waste their time. Just with this first assignment it has already opened my eyes on how important writing and excelling in it should be. I have noticed in my job when someone’s writing abilities are not the best, as with mine as well, so I’m glad to be attending this class. I have always realized the importance but see it even more clearly in beginning “Writing Matters” reading. It is also very apparent to me, even more now, and the many, many areas of media available to us in just a click or two! I am excited to begin exploring all these options first hand. My particular career in the past has not needed to pursue multi-literacy until recent years so I feel a bit out of touch and anticipate that this class will change my experiences.
I’ve noticed a few important points in this reading, first as mentioned, the responsibilities as a writer: to audience, topic, other writers and myself,” but also the responsibility to other writers when I use their work and acknowledging credit where credit is due is imperative. I must remember to do it accurately, precisely and with proper documentation as well as in a manner unbiased and respectful. Lastly, I would like to “take myself seriously”- as this text states is the fact that I do not feel like a very good writer with inexperience in multi-literacy. I anticipate this will change as I change the attitude that it is actually possible for me and very well worth it!

Laura Berry


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